Monday, July 03, 2006

Of Monkeys and Wisdom

I have a friend who introduced me to a saying I have adopted as my own. She said when she went to work, her job was to get the work 'monkeys' off her desk and onto someone else's desk.

Now, all my tasks are 'monkeys'. I've found it is important to identify your monkeys, make sure they are truly yours and not someone else's, and then manage them effectively.

My monkeys include being a wife, mother, homeschooler, writer, bookkeeper, friend, church librarian...monkeys everywhere!

Also, I can't be worried about other people's monkeys. When I take my eyes off my own monkeys and start critiquing the job someone else is doing with their monkeys, my own run wild, swinging from the trees and howling like banshees.

Managing Monkeys is a full time job!

On another note, this weekend's Sunday School lesson and sermon were especially timely. We learned about how foolishness loses its temper quickly, acting impusively and without thought. Wisdom, in contrast, thinks first, keeps ahold of anger, and acts with care.

God has been working on me much recently, or perhaps I am just more willing to learn at the moment things He's been trying to teach me for a long time. Ya think? lol



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  2. What I meant so say: Just say, it's not my monkey.

  3. Donna Alice10:02 AM

    Monkeys, huh? Maybe I'll try that and imagine cages to put them in, and then I could imagine what I'd feed them and how much fun they are to play with and I think I missed the whole point!

    It's getting RID of the monkeys and concentrating, right? Maybe I need to learn focus?