Saturday, June 03, 2006

You just never know

So, I'm getting a handle on my new job, learning new things, adjusting my schedule to make everything fit (It is a tight squeeze.) and feeling pretty good about the whole thing, then something comes down the pike I wasn't expecting.

I had a life situation I was struggling with. I asked the advice of some dear friends, prayed, thought about it, and had decided to leave things as they were, change my expectations and just enjoy the situation for what it was. No sooner had I reached that conclusion then...WHAM!...situation changes.

I sometimes wonder if God only wants my capitulation, my surrender and willingness to be quiet, before He changes something in my life that I've striven with.

On another note...I have a friend whose book went before a major publishing house's pub board this week. Congrats to Vicki.

I have another friend who has had a request for a book proposal from another publishing house...Hooray for Stephanie.

A friend and I have set ourselves a pretty hefty goal of 150 pages a month of writing for each of the next two months. That will be an entire first draft. I'll try to keep the blog updated on how we do. Right now, I have 26 I'm a little ahead of the game for this month.


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  1. Stephanie11:33 AM

    Aw, that's me again. Thanks! I find you to be a tremendous comfort through this whole waiting process. You're my only writing friend, which means you're probably going to be the only one who "gets it" if I get the big thumbs down. So far I haven't heard, which means I rarely stray too far from my computer these days...