Thursday, June 08, 2006

Real Life, Real Fast

Ok, so I haven't gotten much farther on the ms. Real life has been coming at me real fast.

However, I think I have things typed and taped now. The new job is under control (or the illusion of control).

And today something happened that I never thought would. I got cable tv and cable internet access. I haven't had cable tv since I left for college (I won't tell you how many years ago.) And the cable internet access...I'll never go back to dial-up again if I can help it!

Now if I can just limit the distraction of more channels than I've seen in a coon's age, and stop dancing around at no more fuzzy snow, adjust the bunny ears, wish we could get the Cubs on tv, antics.

The novel...I have 41 pages and 12K words. I can already see where I need to add some scenes for continuity, but the framework is taking shape. I'm using Angela Hunt's "Plot Skeleton" as a guideline for this book, and I must say, as a former Seat of the Pants writer, this has given me enough structure to see where the book should go, but left me enough leeway to still feel creative when it comes to writing the scenes.

I was able to take a class taught by Angela Hunt this spring. It was wonderful. I learned so much, and I hooked up with a writing buddy that has been a joy to know. You're gonna be hearing from her in the future, I just know it.

Erica Vetsch

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  1. Stephanie11:20 AM

    Hey, that's me! Thanks Erica! I didn't realize you used to be a seat of the pants writer too. You know so much about different methods for structuring that I assumed you were much more organized than I am.

    I've also discovered my love for the plot skeleton. Initially I was really stressing myself out about making sure I knew every little rib and exactly what my calvary was going to look like, but now I just use it to create some good bones for the story (pun intended. Not bad, huh?)

    Just thinking through a handful of complications and my protagonist's hidden need has really helped out my process. I'm glad it's working for you too, especially since your writing attention has recently been divided.