Friday, June 30, 2006


I had what I am sure was a brilliant blog about balancing commitments, and I lost it! Grrr!

That being said, I'll just give a little update on the novel.

Yesterday I reached 35K words, and just over 110 pages. Yeah! That's a good deal, because the night before, I awoke at 1 am certain the entire idea stunk, the plot was thinner than vellum, and I was never going to be anything but a hack writer.

Isn't it interesting what the brain can do in the middle of the night? I remember when my kids were infants, everything seemed harder at night. I was always less able to cope when it was dark, but somehow, no matter how bad the night had been, how many times I'd been up, or how long the baby had cried, when the sun came up, it was always easier to deal with.

When morning rolled around, I awoke thinking of my novel. I pinpointed some areas of need, then, when I got together with my writing buddy, we kicked them around. She was very helpful. I don't have to throw the whole thing away now! LOL

We've set up another writing day for next week. It is such a boost to do this. We are both competitive by nature, and we spur each other on to fill that page or word count. M&Ms don't hurt either.

Other writing DH ordered me a way cool laptop computer. It is so great to type on, and doesn't heat up like my little antique IBM did. God is good. If I am patient and wait on Him, He gives me the desire of my heart. (And sometimes He changes that desire, but that's a topic for another blog entry.)

Off to the library today for research and writing.


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  1. Donna Alice7:44 PM

    Vellum, huh? That's a scrapbooking paper....LOL!

    Oh,yes, the nighttime is hard for dark thoughts and worries. I once heard Jessica Fletcher "Murder, She Wrote," call that the "hour of the wolf." Meaning, I think, that we are not as able to stand strong in the darkness--cowering from the advances of "wolves" of fear or discouragement--than if the light of day shines and gives us a new perspective.
    Of course, you know that NEVER happens to me!! Grin. Donna