Sunday, June 04, 2006

A challenge

I can rarely resist a challenge. This had gotten me into trouble a time or two in the past, and yet, picking up some challenges can be very good.

Yesterday I chatted with a writing buddy, and she said she had set herself a goal of writing five pages a day, every day for two months. By the end of July, she expected to have a full length first draft of her very first novel. How cool is that?

That got me to thinking...(Always a dangerous thing.) I've been snowed under with my new job, and longing for time to write, and yet, when I sat down before the laptop to write, I couldn't seem to focus, because the task seemed too big.

I have committed to writing five pages per day...or 150 pages this month...keeping pace with my writing buddy. Today, I wrote five pages, a realistic goal, and it wasn't THE HARDEST THING I'VE TRIED IN A LONG TIME...which it had become lately. I now have 10K words and 31 pages.

I just finished reading "The Twisted Root" by Anne Perry. I love her "William Monk" novels. I love how she weaves a plot. Everything ties up so beautifully at the end, and the connections between the hero's story line and the heroine's mesh perfectly. I'd recommend her "Monk" books anytime.



  1. I know all about challenges. Especially writing challenges. Lesson I learned? Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut. LOL

    Congrats on your writing goal.


  2. Donna Alice8:33 PM

    You're right CJ, always back away from a challenge. Unless you plan to eat your words. Donna

  3. Stephanie11:28 AM

    I'm so impressed by you. Five pages a day is certainly a challenge, although doable.

    I read on Angela Hunt's blog about her writing 3500 to 5000 words a day. I suppose that's how it's possible for her to have released 5 books since January...