Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm Back!

Well, South Dakota was beautiful. We saw the house my MIL grew up in. No one has lived there for 40 years, so it was sadly in disrepair. I think it was a good experience for my children to see where their grandma grew up.

I can't believe how much I missed my computer though. I missed IM-ing my friends at night. I missed being able to sit at my computer and write on the novel.

Which brings me to the true nature of this blog. It is about the path of a writer. Because each writer has a different path, we can learn from each experience.

My experience is as follows...

In ninth grade I wrote a story called CIRCUS SUMMER. I still have it, loopy girly pencil writing in a blue spiral notebook. I poured my soul into that story, screeds of pages about a girl, a horse, a boy, a clown. LOL

Then I put it away. Volleyball, work, school...they took my attention away from writing.

Then, just two and a half years ago, I stumbled across the most remarkable thing. Fan Fiction. I had never heard of such a thing before. I Googled one of my favorite old TV shows, The Big Valley, starring Barbara Stanwyck, and found a whole on line community of fans writing stories with The Big Valley characters.

I decided to give it a whirl myself and wrote a story. It was as if a part of my brain which had been shut off, shut down or shut up had exploded forth. I found myself dreaming about stories, characters, plot lines.

In this community, I found a woman who had been writing for years. Multi-published in periodicals, she took me under her wing. I remember the first real critique she gave me. I was gobsmacked! But I was encouraged too. I wanted to learn, I craved learning!

Four months after I posted my first story on the writing board, I began a story that I felt had some real potential. It was greeted with great acclaim in the Big Valley community, and my mentor suggested I take the basic story line and mainstream it into a novel. I worked for a few months on it, changing the characters, the setting, the time frame, but keeping the basic love story intact.

With all the hubris in the world, I found a Christian Writer's Market Guide and sent my proposal/query and sample chapters off to agents. To my great surprise, an agent offered representation.

I've since written two more novels, been to a writer's conference and received a request for a full ms from a publisher. Every step takes me closer to my goal of publication.

I'm currently working on the first novel of what I hope will become a series of contemporary Christian romances.

Erica Vetsch


  1. You were missed. Next time, you need to take a laptop with Wi-Fi LOL

    Interesting your school story, brought you to writing.

    I used to write "Big Valley" stories in high school. It wasn't called fanfic then. Just writing Heath stories! LOL After a 30 some odd year hiatus, I'm back writing Heath stories!

    Will enjoy listening about your journey.

  2. Welcome to blogging! Watch can be addicting, especially if you're a computer addict like me!

    PS. I'm a home school mom too:)

  3. Shaun C8:15 AM

    I wish you tons of success in your goal to get a series of novels published!