Saturday, May 27, 2006

Curve Balls

Have you ever had things all mapped out, thought you knew where you were heading and then had a big curve ball thrown at you? That's where I am at the moment.

I stood on the edge of summer, looking out across all my free time to play with the kids, muse about and write a book, hang out with online friends when we all get together in July...Life was GRAND!

At this moment, I am reeling a bit. I have taken over the bookkeeping duties for our family business. I am not a bookkeeper by nature. I've spent the week trying to learn to navigate the accounting program, and am now going to wade in and organize the files to suit my system (if I can call it by such a grand name.) If I can live through the next six weeks or so, I think it will work out ok.

As to the writing...I'm trying to convince myself that with less time to loaf around, I'll be more focused. So far, I find all my mental energy is taken by the new job and I have little time to think about the novel.

I've set aside a writing week with a friend next month though. I'll work in the morning or evening and write at her place during the day.

In the meantime, I'm still going to try to enjoy summer.



  1. Donna Alice8:28 PM

    Aw, what a curve ball when you had the summer all planned out. Big hugs and hopes you can get it all straightend out super fast.
    Who knows...maybe this will focus your attention so you know when you sit down to write you better WRITE and not waste time. Not that you did before, but if you have the leisure to daydream you can take longer to do a scene.
    This way, you will find odd moments to compost the work before you sit down. And writing can be a treat after all that MATH.

    Wishing you well, from one dizzy bear to another... Donna

  2. If there is no conflict, there is no story

  3. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Valiant is a word that comes to mind when I think of you my friend. This curve ball won't completely throw you - in fact I think you will catch it and send it flying over homeplate for the out and win the victory.

    I'm glad you found a week to carve out. Very cool!!!!

    Write one!